You ship international?

  - yeah.. anywhere you want

How long shipping take?

  - I mean... it could be a few days... it could be a few weeks... these are glass, they are fragile... our main priority is safety over speed, ya know

i need it by a specific date

  - that's not really worded as a question... but send me an email I guess...

 Will you be restocking a thing?

  - if it's an original painting.... no,.. thats the only one

How often do you add new pieces?

  - all releases are announced on instagram

Can i commission a piece?

  - maybe...... send me an email

Did you email me?

  - no... I do not email people, that is probably a scam

If you have a question... just go to the contact page 

everything I do is cruelty free and vegan

@ Instagram